Home Perspective is pleased to be listed in Baltimore Magazine's Home Resource Guide

"Ashley helped us pack before a big move. When Ashley helps you pack, you're getting more than an extra pair of helping hands; you're getting a professional, organized move. Her system made it easy to find our important items on the other end. Highly recommend!" - Sarah Lohnes Watulak

"We cannot recommend Ashley enough! For a consult we walked her through the entire house and at the conclusion of the engagement, there isn't a room without her touch in it. It was absolutely like having the best of a big sister + home staging professional + clutter "therapist" all rolled into one! Her unique brand of "warm professionalism" was apparent in all she did. She's got a large Rolodex for jobs that fall outsider her purview and an absolute willingness to go above and beyond." - Catherine Wahl

"As a full-time working physician and mother of 3, it's amazing how the non-visible areas of my home quickly became disorganized and cluttered. Tackling these areas was at the bottom of my list of things to do with my precious free time. Home Perspective transformed these spaces into organized and functioning rooms in just one day. Ashley created a system from which I can easily build and maintain this same level of organization. She gave me my house back." - Lilly Hunter, MD

"Ashley was able to help me take a challenge and turn it into an opportunity. I was challenged with downsizing my office and she calmly assisted me in organizing my office supples, crafts, and extra stuff and helped me turn excess items into an opportunity by either donating extra supplies or selling items which I no longer need. She was awesome! Looking forward to working with Ashley again when I tackle the next few rooms of my home." - Joni

"Our closets have been the absolutely worst part about our room. Ashley knew exactly what to do to fix them to make them more functional for me and my husband. We're sooooo much happier!" - Caroline

"Ashley is truly a godsend! I was so overwhelmed with my daughter's stuff and just didn’t know where to even start. I could never have tackled it on my own. If I had attempted to do it with her it would have devolved into world war 3. Ashley made a seemingly insurmountable task, totally managable and brought peace to our home. Seriously love her for it! " - Lelia

"Ashley worked a miracle on my basement. Her innate organizational skills and her appreciation of efficient home management, make finding solutions so easy. She is polite and funny and lovely to have around too! I give her the highest recommendation." - Susie

"Thanks to Ashley our home is so organized, which makes life so much easier. Only wish we had used her when we first moved into our house. " - Lisa

"I really enjoyed working with Ashley. She organized my kitchen three months ago and I am still organized and clutter free. She understands how to prioritize and utilize space efficiently. I look forward to working with her again in the future. " - Kathy

"Home Perspective worked magic on my 7 year old daughter's room. Not only did Ashley organize it all, she talked my daughter into parting with stuff that I couldn't get her to give up AND she hauled away two bags of trash, donated two bags to Goodwill as well as a spare dresser. (That alone was a lifesaver!) Thank you for bringing organization to a small room that holds a lot of stuff." - Molly

"I cannot thank Ashley enough for her focus, energy and compassion for packing up my Mother in law's home. We were under such a tight time frame and we were so afraid of missing something in the sorting though things. She was just wonderful in guiding us through what was important and necessary.   Not only did she get items to auction and consignment, you made multiple trips to Goodwill. All of our important and nostalgic papers and items were beautifully set aside for us to go through at another time. She is amazing!! (and super tall so she could reach all top shelves)" -Corky

" We were thrilled to hire Ashley to help stage our house before it went on the market. Her attention to detail, organizational skills and creative ideas allowed us to feel confident that our house looked at its best. She was easy to work with and willing to go above and beyond." - Nancy

"I have hired Ashley repeatedly for a wide variety of projects and I am always thrilled with the results! She has organized and greatly improved; my kitchen, basement, kids' playroom and garage. I will definitely hire her again and I recommend her to everyone I know!" - Lindsey

"Ashley is a superstar and her work has made a huge difference for me and my family. She is smart, kind and has a great sense of humor. She was constantly working hard and has a great eye for detail as well as being cost conscience.  would definitely recommend her!" - Chris

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful we were to have your help in getting organized this fall. With two crazy jobs and three even crazier boys, we had really let the home organization fall apart. Ever since you came through and helped put things in logical order, we've actually stayed organized! The boys even enjoy putting toys away-which is something I never thought I would say. I never realized how stressful the clutter had made things. Thank you for giving our space back and allowing us to breathe." - Brigid

"My laundry room was a total disaster area. Ashley came in and organized everything, helped me thin down the clutter, and found so much useful space it was amazing! I highly recommend Home Perspective!" - Alex

"We are so thrilled with the job that Home Perspective did reorganizing our playroom and girls' bedrooms. She took a space that was overfilled with toys, many of which my daughters had either outgrown or were no  longer using and found a way to rework it to make the space feel larger and more grown up. The best part was that she was able to use all of our own furniture and accessories to achieve the final product. Now the girls are loving their new spaces and, what's more amazing, keeping it tidy themselves. I can't wait for her to tackle the next space! " - Frances