Estate Clearing

“I hired Home Perspective to handle my Grandmother’s estate, she handled everything top to bottom. Items were carefully packed, sorted for donation, and color coded for each family member. Ashley arranged the movers and delivery to four locations. Most importantly she thought to save the personal touches, such as my Grandmother’s perfume bottle, for me to keep as a memory. She took a task I was dreading and thought of every detail. I highly recommend her services!” -Stacy

Clearing a home after the passing of a family member is emotional and exhausting process. It is often comes with a tight time frame which can add even more stress to the overwhelming process. There are items to be given to family members, donated to charities, sold for consignment or headed to auction. I work closely with estate attorneys, executors, movers and haulers. I thoughtfully organize every aspect in careful consideration to the Family’s needs and with respect to the family member who has passed.