So, how does this work?

Professional Organizers as a career is a newer field. Admittedly there are a lot of questions that arise after I explain my business to people and I have no problem with that. I love sharing what it is I do and all I can offer because my services are needed. I'm not a maid service who will clean your home, I'm not a decorator who will find you beautiful furniture, and I'm not a contractor who will change the lay out of your house. I can recommend people for all those jobs but that's not my wheel house.What I can do for your is organize the basement that is filled with "stuff", arrange your kitchen so you can more efficiently use the cabinets and counter top space, revamp your closets so you know what you have and purge what don't need and finally I can give your children a place to put away all their toys and games. Basically I take away the headaches you have, the areas you avoid and give you back your home and a better quality of life. Not only will I organize your home but I will teach and show you the tools to stay that way.The majority of my clients that call me for organizational help all have one thing in common, they are overwhelmed by an area and simply do not know where or how to begin. They fully recognize that it may be a mess but just don't have the time or tools to tackle . This is where I come in. During a consult I will spend time getting to know you and your family and seeing your house. I insist that you DON"T clean before I come over, it's better for me to see your space the at you actually "live in it", that way I can access where the real problem areas build up.  I love chatting with your kids and hearing what it is they need and want in their rooms. I have found that in the majority of cases the kids have very strong opinions about how they want their room to look but are also very reasonable about what it is they may have outgrown or be wiling to part with. (Actually they are quicker to part with things than adults....just sayin') For my adult clients I listen to what they want and need from me, and am very respectful of the items that hold particular sentimental attachments and can't be parted with. I'm not a minimalist nor do I think you need to be either.The next step is to explain  what I have in mind and how I envision the space looking and being used. For example, If it's a basement, garage or attic, I carefully go through the items and re-box, label and sort into like groups. I find the things that could be consigned or auctioned, the items that could be donated and also sort the items that could be recycled or disposed of properly. I can nearly guarantee that I will find at last one thing that you either had no idea you even still owned or an item that you haven't seen in  and had completely written off. Things I have found so far: Purple Heart medal, Christening gown, wedding veil and corsage that was 65 years old. Then I make sure that these treasures are properly stored, photos all together in a airtight box and labeled, clothing sorted and checked to be sure it is put away cleaned, holiday items stored with things from  same holiday. ( As a rule, plastic Easter eggs and ornament hooks invade every box.) I make it easier to find and use everything you have so that you don't end up wasting time repurchasing things you own three times over.With children's' bedrooms and play spaces I give them the space to put things away. I often find that we may tell our kids to "clean up" but we haven't showed them where or how we want that done. When there is no system in place and no storage or shelves with labeled spaces everything quickly ends up in piles that frustrate you and them alike as things get lost. As I said earlier most children are willing to give away toys they no longer use or will fess up to games that have long lost the pieces to play and are just taking space. Kid's aren't as nostalgic as adults can be and will admit that some toys are too babyish for them and instead they would prefer to make room for a newer interest or toy. Youngest children in particular are often inundated with passed down toys from older siblings that even they have outgrown. Using baskets, bins, cleaning out desks and drawers gives kids the place to put their things away and know where to keep their toys. The organization gives them more space to play and enjoy the toys they can no find. After I leave they will know where their toys belong because we worked together, you can tell them to clean up their room and they will know how.Little Girls Bedroom Before Little Girl's Room, truth be told she wasn't as interested in Barbie's Dream house but instead wanted room for her American Girl dolls and to be able to use her desk "like a big kid".Little Girl's Room Before After, she had space to play and display her dolls as well as art work and her desk was cleared for all "her work".I've heard from my clients that since I've left they are amazed at the newfound space, relieved by the lack of clutter and grateful for my time and effort. My intention and job is to share what I know and to make your life easier so that you enjoy your home, to change your perspective.                                      -AshleyHP_Submark_LightBlush