Pick a Corner Any Corner

Before Teenage Girl's BedroomSometimes a space gets overrun. It happens in everyone's home at some point, even to the most organized of people. It's a complete snowball effect, it may begin with the laundry that may be clean but hasn't been folded, that pile tips over into the dirty clothes, that pile then covers the carpet so you can't vacuum, mixed somewhere in that pile inevitably ends up shoes, books, backpacks joyfully cast aside on the first day of summer break. Before long it's a total mess. Although it may be easily acknowledged  as a mess it is hard to figure out how or where to begin.So pick a corner and begin.Have trash bags ready, washing machine empty and waiting, cleaning supplies on hand, good music to listen to and just start. Make it a goal to get through the length of that wall and any and all items that stand in your way. Don't start in the closet just yet, conquer the nightstand, pick up the pile and put it in the washing machine, clear off just the top of your dresser. Take small areas and get them in order so you don't get easily distracted by other tasks or overwhelmed and quit. Build in break times for yourself after an area is completely and entirely clean and organized. Race the music, try and organize a bookshelf before the song ends.Enjoy yourself, take pride in the progress,be patient and relish the long lost items you uncover. It's no easy task but the end result- a room you love and know where everything is well worth the work!After 3 Hours of hard but fun work!Another view of the end result!-AshleyHP_Submark_LightBlush